Femagogy Zine is currently taking submissions for our next issue.

Femagogy Zine is an opportunity for educators to publish their creative work. We particularly welcome submissions from women and female-identifying writers and artists.

Contributor Guidelines:

We firmly believe in paying writers and artists for their labour. Femagogy Zine currently pays 5 cents per word to a maximum of $50. Rates for art submissions are decided on a discretionary basis. This is a token amount and we wish we could pay more, however, at this point in the development of our zine we pay our contributors from our own pockets.

Please read the following guidelines before submitting your work to us:

· We accept submissions via email at

· Attach your work as a word document. In this document, please include a short bio that lets the reader know a little bit about yourself

· Include a title and your name at the top of the word document

· Include your bank details in the body of your email, or as an attachment, so we can organise payment ·

Payment will be made shortly after publication.

Thank you again for supporting teachers’ creative work.

Femagogy Zine editorial team.