From Jane by Jane Ballot

The world froze while it kept turning

Life ceased as the sun rose

I wanted to rant at the world

Ask why nothing had stopped

How things could even be moving

when my world had fallen apart

He’d gone; he’d left me:

my critic, my comfort; my personal rock

And for succour…

From the wealth of words of wisdom

In the pantheon of literature

One phrase stands out

Remembered from a childhood film

Called then in joy at a reunion

Cried out now in anguish

at a parting:

‘Daddy! My daddy!’

Jane Ballot has spent time in classrooms from primary school all the way through to Masters level tertiary education, teaching mostly English and Drama. Jane’s great joy in teaching is seeing each student finding something that is theirs and knowing that none will be the same. She has always written, both poetry and prose, and enjoys seeing how words can change the way we see things.

This poem was written on the passing of her father.