Dimly Lit Room by Charlotte Griffiths

Beautifully rolled cigarette sits before me, along

 with a small amount of pride and persistently

 penetrating memories of

 you. The view from the room out on

 street makes me wish I could hear

 you talk; headphones in I fall into deep

 remission, how we walked together

 slow in equal admittance of something


Situations keep clawing, coming and going,

 without me even noticing and it’s starting

 to seem like nothing’s really right, fight for

 excitement in empty nights, don’t turn

  light off in fear of what shadow holds; it’s

  getting so tiring ignoring smell of metallic

  life tearing out of me, biting down onto

this moment,


Try to hide it, you know I hate lying, but only

 timing ever feels right is when I’m bending

 around that curve where you herded me,

 most beautiful view of the city I

 can honestly find; undisturbed as view

 lands brief on the embarkment of

  trees. Think about how easily you

  noticed difference between streets

  when they were empty,

  how you let me fall, damage

done, you’ll always

catch what’s left

   of me.

Charlotte Griffiths, born May 1998, was first published in 2015 Circus of Indie Artists Lion Tamer Edition, in which all proceeds went toward Autism Speaks, and has since been providing her services both independently and online at MyTrendingStories.com and Channillo.com. She prides herself on humble intentions and is in the midst of her first chapbook, dim lights, dim reality.