A timeline of questions to a young woman

By Dr. Sally Dinan

Age 18:
‘Are you studying hard? Year 12 is an important year!’
‘What are you going to do at university? It’s important for women to get a degree!’

Age 20:
‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ It’s great to study, but remember to have balance.

Age 21:
‘Now that you have a Bachelor Degree, will you go on to study Master’s?’

Age 23:
‘Do you have a job now that you have finished uni? You need work experience!’

Age 24:
‘Are you going to travel?’ Better see the world.

Age 24.5:
‘Are you sure you’re not travelling too much?’ Better save for a house.

Age 25:
‘You’ve had a boyfriend for a while, when will you get married?’

Age 26:
‘You’re married now, why have you not changed your name? Are you a feminist? Yes, you’ve created a professional reputation in your industry, but how does your husband feel about that? ‘

Age 27:
‘When are you going to have a baby? Life’s not all about career, you know?’

Age 28:
‘You’re backpacking again?’
‘When are you going to have a baby? ‘
‘Do you even like kids?’

Dr. Sally Dinan is a Chiropractor based in Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor of Health Science and Master’s of Clinical Chiropractic (with Distinction). She has been self-employed in her practices since the age of 23. She has travel 42 countries in 10 years. Her home is her sanctuary. Her rabbit is her best friend and her husband is her number one fan. Her dream is to inspire other women to be financially independent.