Happy New Year – Ela Fornalska

Image: Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash


I drive towards

the new year

we shall meet at a party

my body is giddy

will there be a change to dance?

Which classrooms will choose me?

Will Durga dig deep into my chest

with a dagger of courage and invite me

to ride alongside her?

With a tiger as my transport

I will teach tenacity

at the school of diversity

to a city of square pegs

I’d like everything I’ve learnt

to tumble out

of my mouth

and roll onto

the floor

in the form of

toy blocks

of every colour

shape and size


build your castles

in guided quietude

foster firm focus

with unclenched fists

Take these silver bullets

I will give you and

shoot them into

the night sky

releasing fireworks

from your shining weapons of peace

Make me see

a movie in my mind

from the pictures

you will paint me

with the words

I shall gift you

Oh January,

full of Super Moons

I hold you like a crystal ball

and press my intentions

into you

in these early inhalations

anything and everything

is still possible

The pure power

of a new year

pulses in the heart

of a sunflower head

facing north

I surrender the orchids

of last year

on the earth

of where this golden plate

is grounded

and smile

with a face full of tears

for what was

and what will be.


Ela Fornalska is a poet, teacher, singer, MC and broadcaster. She has performed her work in festivals, on television and the radio. Ela has been published in various anthologies, audio compilations, literary magazines and journals. She was a grand finalist in the Sydney Road Writer’s Festival and Cup in 2017 and a finalist at the Melbourne Spoken Word Prize in 2018. Ela was an international guest at the festival Österreich Liest (Austria Reads) in 2015.