About Us

Femagogy Zine was born of our team’s joint passion for feminism and education. As teachers, we wanted to create a space in which educators could express themselves creatively.

Our zine is written, for the most part, by teachers and for teachers, who believe in equality and progressive politics.

Steph Conroy – Writer + Content Editor

In the words of one of her students, Steph Conroy is “not a real adult”. Miraculously though, she’s managed to wrangle herself a teaching job and can actually name at least seven types of wine. Steph lives and works in “the burbs”. She also grew up in the burbs and may in fact die in them. Steph’s prone to a bit of nihlism and hysteria and her blood is quick to boil. She likes edgy meme culture, good literature, travelling- particularly to Asia- and she fancies herself a bit of a writer.

Cathy Ferguson – Writer + Artistic Director

Cathy is a secret pop star or duchess, no one’s really sure. She likes her hair like her wine, big and red. Her biggest claim to fame is that she was on TV in Thailand once. Cathy’s done her stint in wellbeing, student management and has served time in curriculum. Currently she’s living the dream in a teaching role at a university where she gets an allowance for stationery. Cathy’s never happier than when she’s labelling her way through life or handing out merit stickers with glee. She’s been a feminist since she could hold a bottle of spray ‘n’ wipe, so don’t mess with her.

Cayt Mirra – Writer + Creative Director

Cayt teaches secondary English and has worked in curriculum and literacy leadership. She likes watching the type of horror movies where killers break into your house and torture you, and she is scared of putting the bins out at night (but these two things are obviously unrelated). She considers herself a grammar enthusiast and enjoys writing fiction. She published her first novel, The Blood Apothecary, in 2016. We are fairly sure Cayt doesn’t sleep, as she also has two small children and a menagerie of fur babies. She seems like a capable person but will become anxious if she has to make a phone call or if there is cold sauce on her food.

Stephanie Wescott – Writer + Marketing Manager

Unlike the majority of news.com.au’s Facebook commenters, Steph believes that feminism is a rational response to inequity, not a radical agenda for social engineering ultimately culminating in the eradication of all men. She can be found on most days with a book in one hand and her dog, Basil, at the other, whose social media account she manages with fervour. Her future aspirations include fulfilling her radical agenda for social engineering, and managing Basil’s career as a public figure. For now, she is completing her PhD at Monash University.